Index Card for iPhone

A corkboard writing app that helps you easily capture, organize, and compile your ideas.

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4.5 stars on App Store

Index Card for iPhoneApp Store4.5

Index Card is a corkboard writing app that helps you easily capture, organize, and compile your ideas. Whether you are an author, screenwriter, or academic researcher, Index Card can help you become a more efficient, organized writer. Download Index Card and discover why thousands of iPad owners are already using it.


One of my favorite iPad apps, Index Card, was released as an iPhone app today! Hooray!

Dan Baker, Macedonia Films

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Get Started Quickly
  • Capture your ideas and store notes as they come to you
  • Organize the flow of your project using a familiar corkboard interface
  • Assign color labels to flag scenes, characters, or status
Create & Edit Your Story
  • Write and edit using the onscreen keyboard or an iPad compatible external keyboard
  • Index Card automatically saves your work as you make edits
  • Changes are reflected every time you export
Made for Touch
  • Touch and drag a card rows to reorder
  • Tap a card to open it for editing
  • Rotate landscape to swipe through your project, one card at a time
  • Scroll the card list to browse your entire project
Flexible & Powerful
  • Develop multiple separate projects
  • Edit card title, synopsis, notes, text, color label and more…
  • Track card, word, and character counts
  • Enable the Long Text field for extended writing
Share Your Work
  • Export as RTF or Plain Text, readable by most word processors
  • Share .indexcard files with other Index Card iPad or iPhone users
  • Copy projects to Dropbox, or directly to your Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing
  • Email projects without leaving the app
  • Sync with Scrivener Mac OS X writing app (card title, synopsis, long text, sort order)
  • Present on an external HDMI display using your iPhone 4S or later and the Apple Digital AV Adapter


An efficient way to record and organize notes for both personal and professional projects.


9 / 10 – It’s my favourite app of this sort on the App Store, and at this point, I consider it an essential tool in my workflow.


I used all kinds of apps as study aids during my recent college years, but I wish I had this one. Studying vocab, taking notes, and all kinds of other education-related help would work perfectly on Index Card for iPhone.


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Index Card for iPad

Index Card is also available as an iPad app. So you can create and share projects on your iPad.
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Index Card can sync projects with the Scrivener Mac OS X app. So you can create and share projects on your Mac.
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