Enable number lock on your MacBook and Apple Wireless Keyboards

NumLock allows you to enable the classic number lock on your MacBook or Apple Wireless Keyboard. Making one-hand touch typing of numbers possible for those that don’t have extended keyboards. Simply install it and enable it via Menu bar icon or custom hotkey combination that you choose.

Feature Details
  • Simple drag-and-drop install
  • Runs unobtrusively in the background
  • Works with any OS X app (10.7 or later)
  • Menu bar item to toggle NumLock ON / OFF
  • User defineable hotkey combination to toggle NumLock ON / OFF
  • Preferences window
  • Start NumLock at login option
  • Apple Developer ID signing to eliminate Gatekeeper nag screen
  • Translated to 10 languages: Chinese – Simplified, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

NumLock is a freeware app, made possible by a successful Kickstarter project. If you find it useful, please use your credit card or PayPal account to donate an amount that you choose. Donations help me pay for this web site, and make it possible for me to continue developing and supporting apps.


Most of your questions can be addressed by visiting the NumLock Knowledge Base

Kickstarter Backer Credits
NumLock was made possible thanks to the following:

Wordcrafts did all the localization, and generously sponsored the following language translations:

  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Chinese – Simplified

Thanks to the following Kickstarter backers for their generous donations:

Babel Fish
The following languages are brought to you by:

  • Dutch – Wim van der Kuil
  • German – Mark U. Richard


  • Brian Weber
  • Dilato Marketing Inc.
  • Brian G R Hughes
  • Chris Frank


  • DM Lockwood
  • Paul Hinds
  • Nancy Preece
  • Bastiaan Klooster (Dutch)
  • Ed P
  • chasb
  • Rick Hendricks
  • Roger C. Rocha
  • Philip Rae
  • reformedgeek
  • James Bow
  • @hjalle
  • icfantv
  • Anthony Cardinale
  • Thomas M. Johnson
  • Lıvıngcrayon
  • James Jeffrey Jones Jr
  • Steve Bobker
  • AlbiBalu
  • WMSah
  • Michael Perlman
  • enderw88
  • Ibn
  • Hanspeter Holdener
  • Peter Brülls
  • Jochen Schäfer
  • Masutti
  • PeteSen
  • Steve Thomas
  • Beat Schenker
  • Kelvin Tong
  • Jonathan Tate
  • Joshua Delmar Griffis
  • Arthur Maroulier
  • Chris Weyers
  • Chris Charlton
  • Simon S. Allen
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