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Comic Viewer is a great way to download and read comics. Comic Viewer has an integrated web browser, so you can download comics from your favorite site. Or add comics via your computer with USB. Browse your library by cover, or a searchable list view. Tap a comic to open it, flip through pages with a swipe or a tap and experience realistic page turns. You can even view 2-pages side-by-side by rotating landscape.


Really nice, and it’s fast.


I now have a new favorite – Comic Viewer.


…unique functionality that future apps will have to include to be considered the true killer iPad comic app.


Web Browser Built In

Use the integrated web browser to download comic archives from the Internet directly to Comic Viewer. You’ll find thousands of free archives on the web. You can also add your own comic archives via USB with iPad File Sharing in iTunes.

Side-by-Side Pages

Enjoy 2-page spreads. Turn your iPad landscape and Comic Viewer will automatically display 2 portrait pages side-by-side. Just like it was meant to be.

Realistic Page Turns

Slide your finger and watch the page follow your movement, curling to reveal what’s next.

Multiple Views

View your comics as covers on a shelf, that you can touch and drag to reorder. Or display your collection as a list that you can search and sort.

Multi-page Preview

Preview all the pages of a comic as thumbnails, or just those that you have bookmarked.

View Fullscreen

Tap the fullscreen button to automatically expand your comic to fit the width of the screen. Tap the bookmark icon to bookmark individual pages.

Organize with Stacks

Stacks let you organize your comics in an intuitive way. Select multiple comics and store them in a longbox with a name you define. It behaves similar to Folders in iOS 4.

Play Nice

Add comics in the most popular formats, including .cbz, .zip, .cbr, and .rar archives, as well as .png, .jpg, .gif images.

Get Comics
  • Download free comics using the integrated web browser
  • Add comics over USB with iTunes File Sharing
  • Open comics from Mail or Dropbox apps
Organize Your Library
  • Browse your collection by cover or list
  • Display reading status for Unopened, Opened, and Finished comics
  • Organize comics into stacks
  • Search and sort comics in list view
Read by Touch
  • Flip pages by swiping or tapping
  • Zoom in on pages with double-tap or pinch / expand gestures
  • Drag covers to reorder comics on your library shelves
  • Tap a comic to open for reading
  • Jump to a specific page with the navigation slider
Control Your Experience
  • Adjust screen screen brightness to find perfect lighting for any environment
  • Auto-fit pages to screen width with a single tap of the fullscreen button
  • Bookmark individual pages
  • Preview comic pages as thumbnails (all or just bookmarked)
  • Switch comics to Manga mode for right-to-left reading
  • Choose what’s next with last page dialog that returns you to Library or starts comic over
Enjoy the View
  • View 2-pages side-by-side in landscape
  • Experience realistic page turn animations
  • Choose from 3 background themes
  • Enjoy images optimized for the best display and reading performance
  • Resume reading where you left off with last page auto-save
  • Hide background, controls, and status bar for distraction-free reading
Harness Comic Metadata (CoMet)
  • View, add, or edit, detailed comic info via the proposed CoMet standard
  • Sort your library by title, series, or genre
  • Search your library to find comics quickly


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